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    Peter Lance Bio and 2011-14 investigative series

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    PARTS 1-10
    PARTS 11-13


    PART ONE:          Memories of Mallory
    PART TWO:         Everybody Loved Raymond
    PART THREE:    The Hero And The High Speed Chase
    PART FOUR:       Damage Control
            The Cover-up

    FOLLOW-UP STORIES in all media

    News-Press April 17th, 2014
    Victim’s parents to sue Capps, government, DUI driver

    KEYT: April 19th, 2014
    Parents of Mallory Dies Sue Congresswoman,
    Her Former Aide and U.S. Government

    U.K. Mail April 23rd, 2014
    Parents of woman killed in DUI hit-and-run
    sue CONGRESSWOMAN after top aide
    downed 8 cocktails while “working the room”
    for her before getting behind the wheel April 24th, 2014
    California rep sued over DUI death,
    questions raised about ties to driver

    KEYT April 26th, 2014
    Brother and Friends of Mallory Dies
    Confront Congresswoman Lois Capps

    News-Press April 27th, 2014
    Dies family circulating petition for Capps investigation

    News-Press May 1st, 2014
    Mallory’s dad calls for special prosecutor:
    District Attorney Dudley won’t publicly comment

    News-Press May 2nd, 2014
    DA sends some Morua information to U.S. attorney May 6th, 2014
    Petition calling for Fed Prosecutor to probe
    News-Press charges has 1000+ signatures

    News-Press May 11th, 2014 (Editorial)
    Capps right behind Morua in fleeing the scene? May 16th, 2014
    D.A. tells Matt Dies that the U.S. Attorney in L.A.
    has referred the Lois Capps “matter” to
    the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section

    News-Press May 28th, 2014
    Mallory Dies’ killer: “I would trade places with her”

    News-Press May 29th, 2014
    Former Capps aide sentenced to 20 years to life;
    Raymond Morua apologizes to family of victim June 7th, 2014
    FBI-DOJ open probe into findings in News-Press
    investigative series on Lois Capps June 9th 2014
    FBI, DOJ reportedly probing ties of
    California rep’s staffer to driver in DUI death

    News-Press June 10th, 2014
    FBI looks into possible wrongdoing by Capps staff:
    Peter Lance’s Series on Mallory Dies prompts investigation June 11th, 2014
    SB Indy finally covers FBI probe; Capps spokesman
    Chris Meagher calls it a, “fact finding inquiry”

    L.A. Times June 12th, 2014
    Federal officials to investigate fatal DUI
    involving former House aide. July 12th, 2014
    The Congresswoman who can’t escape the
    DUI manslaughter scandal that haunts her August 3rd, 2014
    Target of FBI probe was 2012 Electoral College
    delegate for President Barack Obama

    KEYT October 8th, 2014
    Protesters Call For Capps Staffer
    Mollie Culver’s Resignation

    KEYT October 22nd, 2014
    Lois Capps Seeks 9th Term in Congress
    Mrs. Capps sidesteps Morua question

    Santa Barbara Independent October 22nd, 2014
    Lois Capps: Does Character Matter? (op ed) November 2nd, 2014
    The Ethics & Public Life of Congresswoman Lois Capps November 5th, 2014
    Chris Mitchum loses race to Lois Capps;
    Campaign refused to raise Morua
    DUI-manslaughter issue

    KSBY November 5th, 2014
    “Lois Capps has no apology” for deceptive
    campaign ad that cut off GOP opponent
    Chris Mitchum in mid sentence. 

    KEYT-KCOY-KFX December 5th, 2014
    Former Lois Capps Aide Appears in PSA Videos December 6th, 2014
    The unanswered questions in the DUI hit-and-run
    manslaughter death of Mallory Rae Dies

    KEYT-KCOY-KFX December 7th, 2014
    Family and Friends Remember Mallory Dies

    Santa Barbara News-Press December 28th, 2014
    Dies family settles for $2.5M Government Admits
    no liability in fatal hit-run

    Santa Barbara News-Press December 29th, 2014
    Mallory’s dad: “No amount of money can replace her” 

    U.K. Daily Mail December 30th, 2014
    Parents of woman killed in hit-and-run by
    drunk U.S. congressional aide, win $2.5 M
    settlement from federal government. 


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