DEATH ON THE AMERICAN RIVIERA: an investigative series on the Congresswoman, the Iraq war vet and the cover-up of a DUI scandal

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© 2014 By Peter Lance.

Cong. Lois Capps (D-CA) with decorated Iraq War veteran Raymond Victor Morua III during the 2013 4th of July parade in Santa Barbara.

On December 6th, following The Santa Barbara Independent’s holiday party which Mr. Morua attended as Mrs. Capps’ District Representative, he got into his Dodge Caliber with a reported BAC of .17 – more than twice the legal limit. At 12:04 a.m. he struck 27 year-old UCSB grad Mallory Rae Dies.

Then, after eyeing her body on the street, he took off, tried to hide and was finally arrested when he crashed his vehicle following a high speed chase. After Mallory’s death, Mr. Morua was charged with a hit-and-run and gross vehicular manslaughter. On April 15th he appeared in court and pled guilty to crimes that will keep him in prison for 17 years.

Two days earlier The Santa Barbara News-Press began publishing my copywritten investigative series. It contains shocking evidence that in the days following the manslaughter crash, Mrs. Capps’ District Director Mollie Culver forged official VA forms to get Mr. Morua out of jail and into a government-funded LA treatment facility, only to disown him after Mallory was taken off life support. The full series as it appeared in The News-Press is accessible here:

PDF’s of the series as printed in the newspaper:

PART ONE:        Memories of Mallory
PART TWO:       Everybody Loved Raymond
PART THREE:   The Hero And The High Speed Chase
PART FOUR:     Damage Control
PART FIVE:       The Cover-up

Link to series and all related stories from the News Presss:


Links to online series with additional graphics & documentary evidence:















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