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    KEYT Lois Capps profile mentions Raymond Morua scandal but fails to name Dist. Director Mollie Culver, who became the focus of an FBI investigation in June

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    What follows is a partial script of reporter Tracy Lehr of KEYT’s profile of Congresswoman Lois Capps broadcast Oct. 22nd. In the piece she mentions the Raymond Morua scandal and the recent Tea Party protest calling for the ouster of Mrs. Capps’ District Director Mollie Culver.

    But while the profile shows Ms. Culver in a recent campaign appearance with Mrs. Capps (below right) it never mentions her by name. Nor does it credit The Santa Barbara News-Press for publishing a five-part investigative series in April with evidence that Ms. Culver forged two VA forms in a scheme to get Mr. Morua (then Mrs. Capps District Rep.) out of jail and into a federally funded treatment facility after he was arrested for the DUI hit-and-run accident that eventually took the life of 27 year-old UCSB graduate Mallory Dies.

    As the L.A. Times reported in June that series “Death On The American Riviera” spawned a probe by the FBI and Department of Justice which began in late May.

    Two days after the KEYT profile ran, Matt Dies, the father of the victim, challenged Mrs. Capps in The Santa Barbara Independent to take responsibility for the accident and admit that Mr. Morua was on the job and working for the congresswoman as he attended The Indy’s Holiday Bash were he drank six vodkas prior to the fatal accident just after midnight on December 6th.

    “Do not be fooled by the feigned concern, the soft public voice, or her claims of long and loyal service. When this crisis came to her, did she have the fortitude to stand up and say, ‘We were wrong, and this horrible tragedy is our fault. We didn’t monitor Raymond Morua as we should have. We regret and apologize for our negligence that took lovely young Mallory Dies in the flower of her youth. I know that we cannot turn back the clock and make this tragedy never to have happened, but I personally take responsibility and only want to know how I can help the Dies family and their organization VOW4MAL.’”

    The day after Mr. Dies letter appeared online Todd Capps, Mrs. Capps son, submitted a lengthy endorsement of his mother on the Independent’s website, assuring voters in the upcoming November 4th election that, “Lois Capps is guided solely by a profound sense of obligation to do the right thing. She always has, in everything she does — even at the expense of her own well-being. You may or may not agree with her politics, but I can assure you that she seeks nothing more than to stand up for and act in service to what she believes will better the lives of her constituents, the community, the country, and the health of the planet.” 

    KEYT By Tracy Lehr October 22nd, 2014. Lois Capps filled her late husband’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives  16 years ago.  She is now running for her 9th term. Lois and Walter Capps were married for 37 years. They attended Yale together and then settled in Santa Barbara where she worked as a public school nurse and he taught courses on religion and the Vietnam War at UCSB. Walter Capps died during his first time en route to Washington.  Capps was urged to run and has never lost a race. But during her time in office she experienced another tragedy, the loss of one of her daughters to lung cancer. Capps, the daughter of a Lutheran Minister, wanted to keep working to help families like hers that have endured ups and downs.

    On a typical day in the nation’s capitol she said she does her best to work with the opposing party to get things down. She also serves on the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce. When she is not on the house floor the former  in her 24th district office. She said she is concerned about the future of children, the economy, and war.
    Her recent tenure has been marked by controversy. Protesters picketed outside her Santa Barbara campaign office this month.  They blame Capps and her district director for enabling a war veteran staffer to drink and drive the night to beloved local bar tender died. The victim’s father wrote a letter opposing her re-election.

    Capps said women are still the minority in the House. She said she hope to see the house better reflect the population in years to come. Her opponent is Republican Chris Mitchum, the son of late actor Robert Mitchum. Both candidates have plenty of name recognition. On Nov.  4th voters will decide what name to put at the helm of  the 24th district.

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