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    Vanity Fair: Oregon mail carrier’s research exposes data mining plan that could allow Postmaster DeJoy to slow mail-in votes to key Dem Zip Code Zones and allow mail-in votes to flow more easily to GOP

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    August 21st, 2020  Vanity Fair’s online portal THE HIVE just broke a piece by David Ewing Duncan on  Claire McKean, a contract mail carrier in rural Eastern Oregon, who has done remarkable research for me in the past on voting patterns leading up to the 2020 election. She’s compiled a groundbreaking MEMO which exposes ESAS, a data mining operation ordered at the highest levels of the USPS, which, if implemented, could allow Postmaster Louis DeJoy to slow mail-in votes in key Democratic (Blue) Zip Code Zones and allow mail-in votes to flow more easily in GOP (Red) Zones.

    In her research, Claire drilled down on more than 1,200 Zip Code zones in the ESAS study and overlaid them with an open source real estate database which discloses key political voting patterns. Her conclusions were first cited in A PODCAST Sunday night by former Federal prosecutor and frequent MSNBC contributor John P. Flannery.

    Today, Flannery went even further in citing Claire’s work in a MEDIUM piece which also included her MEMO. In hearings today before The Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, DeJoy testified that the USPS had been gathering data on mail delivery systems since at least last February. He was called to the Republican-controlled committee to answer charges that the White House has plotted to deliberately sabotage the USPS to slow mail-in voting.

    Today’s VF piece also cited my recent investigative article, “Homicide At Rough Point,” an 8000 word story in VF’s combined July/August issue. I’m currently at work on a book, based on a much deeper dive into my VF probe.  Still a work-in-progress,  the book has consistently ranked among Amazon’s Top 100 Hot New Releases in LawEnforcement Biographies. Homicide at Rough Point

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