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    John A. “Junior” Gotti’s film about his relationship with his father starts production with John Travolta as “The Teflon Don”

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    By Peter Lance. July 29th, 2016. After more than five years in development, the long awaited feature film biopic inspired by John A. Gotti’s memoir¬†“The Shadow of My Father” began production this week.

    In the fall of 2014 I wrote the Foreword¬†to “Shadow” and since then John Jr. has been working to produce the film based on a script he co-wrote. This piece from yesterday’s U.K. Daily Mail is a good overview of the tortuous, multi-year process of getting the epic story on film. It includes a number of pictures from the set and from the Gotti family archives. Kevin “Entourage” Connolly is directing. The film will be released next year by Lionsgate.

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