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    Gangsters Inc., world’s largest organized crime website reports on John Alite investigation

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    JUDGE TO RULE IF GAMBINO RAT ALITE VIOLATED SUPERVISED RELEASE By David Amoruso Oct. 23rd, 2015.  A Florida Judge is expected to make a ruling soon after the U.S. Probation Office started an investigation into allegations that former Gambino associate John Alite (photo above) violated the terms of his Supervised Release. The inquiry was prompted by a letter from journalist Peter Lance who detailed threats Alite made against him, John A. Gotti’s son, and a woman in the United Kingdom. CLICK LOGO for the story.

    On September 8thLance sent a 14 page letter to Judge Susan C. Bucklew at the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, after he found probative evidence that Gambino turncoat John Alite had repeatedly violated the terms of his Supervised Release. 

    The Judge had sentenced Alite to 100 months in prison and 5 years of probation in 2011. Under those terms Alite was required to get permission from the U.S. Probation Office each time he left his New Jersey district and was forbidden from associating with members or associates of organized crime.

    Lance found that Alite repeatedly traveled outside of the state New Jersey to New York, and also made trips to Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Anyone who follows Alite on social media knows this to be correct as the former mobster posted several photos of his travels on his Facebook account.

    Many of those photos show Alite associating with other “former wiseguys like James “Jimmy Gap” Calandra, an ex-Bonnanno associate who pled guilty to the felony murder of a 46 year-old Staten Island woman in 1993 and Pasquale “Patsy” Andriano, a former member of Alite’s crew who confessed his role in the Alite-inspired killing of rival drug dealer John Gebert in 1996.”

    Now, everyone awaits Judge Bucklew’s ruling which is due any moment. Asked by Gangsters Inc. how he felt about the process, Lance responded, “I’m a bit skeptical having covered the Justice Department for so many years. That’s because, in this case, the very office in Newark who should have reined in John Alite and failed, was charged with investigating their own failure.”

    Despite that, Lance hopes they did an honest job. “In the face of the evidence I’ve uncovered (documented in my letter to Judge Bucklew) I don’t see how she can help but ‘violate’ him and send him back to prison, even if for a limited time.”

    With Alite’s travels and meetings with former mobsters documented publicly on Facebook why did it take so long for an official investigation to be opened? “That’s the $64,000.00 questions,” Lance says. “Since Gotti Jr.’s trial in 2009, John Alite, a low-level Albanian-American associate has been promoted by the Feds as some kind of latter day ‘Sammy The Bull.’ That was the fiction they tried to sell to the jury in Gotti Jr.’s fourth trial and failed.

    “Now, seemingly unwilling to have their version of history upended by the truth, the Feds have been pushing Alite in all kinds of national and international media. There’s little doubt that forces in the DOJ helped get him the book deal with George Anastasia at HarperCollins. He’s been represented as a gambling expert on ‘60 Minutes Sports’ and was one of the ex-mob guys interviewed in a doc by UK anchor Trevor McDonald.

    “I suspect, but at this point can’t prove, that forces in the FBI that want to spin their version of history, got officials in the U.S. Probation Office to look the other way on Alite’s many transgressions. That way he could promote “Gotti’s Rules” during his book tour.”

    Alite’s case also has consequences for others on Supervised Release, Lance adds. “The problem is that if you suspend the rules for one ex-wiseguy wannabe, how do you enforce the rules for others. It sends a terrible message to those thousands of other federal prisoners on Supervised Release. If Alite was any other ex-mobster who traveled outside of his district without permission, hung with ex-wiseguys and engaged in cyber bullying as he’s done he would have been yanked back to prison. No doubt about it,” he concludes.

    As Lance was digging around for more proof, he received an e-mail from Alite in which he called Lance a “boy toy” and “lap dog” and invited him to come see him on Mulberry Street in Manhattan’s Little Italy.
    Lance, was concerned that Alite’s email constituted a threat to a journalist so he began investigating Alite’s behavior towards not only himself but other people as well and collected a wealth of examples of how Alite, who claims to campaign against bullying, loves to bully and threaten people.

    In an interview with mob reporter Jerry Capeci, Alite utters threats to Gotti Jr. and his son, “How does [Gotti Jr.] know that I’m not going to be a killer again? He’s ratcheting [his son] up, putting a battery pack in him, getting him worked up. If he runs into me God forbid, and he comes after me, and I kill this kid because of this nonsense he’s telling him, what does he do then? What’s wrong with him?”

    Though threatening, Alite’s comments are funny as well. Gotti Jr.’s son is a successful MMA fighter and would probably make short work of the aging turncoat.

    Someone who would stand no chance versus Alite, however, is a woman in the United Kingdom who confronted Alite with discrepancies in his book “Gotti’s Rules.” After reading her comments, Alite plastered her photos all over his Facebook wall, writing, “Hi everyone (sic) This is Janine finch69 the women who we need to poster all over how not to act. This is your typical bully coward who we want our children to be nothing like. She is (sic) crude individual. Next month when I come to the UK I will pass her address out for you all to know her. Please understand this is someone that hides under a different name and is the worse (sic) example of a mother adult and human being.”

    Not the typical reaction a person advocating against bullying would have.

    Alite’s behavior leads Lance to label him a “ticking time bomb.” Lance: “He’s clearly a narcissistic sociopath with an extraordinarily inflated image of himself and he reacts violently to anyone who would challenge him. We know he’s hyper-violent. He lies with impunity and he reacts like a caged animal to anyone who challenges him.”

    Whether his acts and behavior are enough to violate the terms of his Supervised Release is up to Judge Bucklew, who will decide on the matter very soon.

    Gangsters Inc. reached out to both John Alite and his attorney for this piece. Both declined to comment.

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