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    KSBY-TV “Lois Capps has no apology” for deceptive campaign ad that cut off her GOP opponent Chris Mitchum in mid-sentence

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    KSBY News November 5th, 2014 By Charlie Misra A day after Election Day, Congresswoman Lois Capps can breathe a sigh of relief and get ready to serve another term. The race was a lot closer than many people expected, but as of Wednesday afternoon, it looked like she defeated Republican challenger Chris Mitchum 52% to 48%. CLICK LOGO

    It was the closest race of her career. Capps says she wasn’t surprised it was so close, but now that she’s won the election, she wants to move on. “We worked hard,” Capps said. “We knew it was going to be close. We have a way of campaigning that’s much like the way I represent the wonderful folks of the Central Coast and that is to meet them, to talk with them.”

    Attack ads were a large part of Capps’ campaign, which came under fire. One of them, Mitchum says, took his words completely out of context.

    “We took it out of rotation and we’ve moved on,” Capps said. “And now we’re focused on the agenda for the future. The campaign was what it was in terms of letting people know what the issues are, who the candidates are, and now we’re moving forward. My opponent and I were very cordial with each other. We talked yesterday on the phone. And I wish him the best. And we have, each of us, jobs to do in the future.”

    KSBY asked Capps whether she feels she owes Mitchum an apology for the ad.

    “We’re fine. I’m fine,” Capps said. “I think it’s time to focus on making sure that what works here on the Central Coast is what I can represent in Congress and make sure I can, make sure we get our economy stronger and better.”

    KSBY asked Capps if she plans to run again in a couple of years. She says she hasn’t thought about it yet. She wants to focus on the interests of people on the Central Coast.

    KSBY spoke with Chris Mitchum over the phone. He said he called Capps around 1:00 p.m. Tuesday to thank her for the race and wish her good luck. He said the interaction was cordial as Capps described. However, Mitchum says he is not fine with the attack ad that Capps ran. He says no concession phone call has been made, since there are still ballots to be counted.

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