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    Kasigate: Uncovering the Santa Barbara DUI police scandal

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    See Peter Lance’s op ed page piece in the Santa Barbara News-Press demanding that Attorney General Kamala Harris appoint a special prosecutor to probe this findings in his investigation of Santa Barbara Police Officer Kasi Beutel. In a 13 part series in the News-Press published in the summer of 2011 after Lance was arrested by Beutel, he uncovered evidence of widespread misconduct including perjury, forgery and the pre-checking of DUI arrest forms in Beutel’s cases. DOWNLOAD Parts 1-10. DOWNLOAD Parts 11-13. Lance has been 100% exonerated of all charges stemming from from a Santa Barbara Superior Court judge determined was his illegal arrest. But he continues to fight for full disclosure in the scandal that has become known as KASIGATE.  OP ED PIECE.  CLICK HERE for link to other coverage by the News-Press.

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