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    U.K. Mail Exclusive: How 9/11 mastermind revealed an al Qaeda plot to bring down airliner months before the TWA 800 crash and the FBI knew.

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    • Previously confidential documents prove FBI knew of Osama bin Laden’s ‘chief bomb maker’s’ plan to bring down a plane in 1996
    • Man believed to be true architect of 9/11 attacks handed fellow prisoner a detailed description of the technique that would later be known as his ‘unique signature’
    • Ramzi Yousef planned to derail his own terror trial with the bombing
    • Claims that mob informant was dismissed as a hoaxer to conceal the truth of the FBI’s ‘unholy alliance’ with the Mafia

    By Laura Collins

    PUBLISHED: 09:57 EST, 14 July 2013 | UPDATED: 13:06 EST, 14 July 2013

    The FBI had advance warning of an al-Qaeda plot to bring down a commercial airliner on American soil just weeks before the 1996 TWA 800 crash that claimed 230 civilian lives.

    Now, a series of previously confidential FBI documents obtained by investigative journalist Peter Lance and seen by MailOnline, provide compelling evidence that the crash was an act of terror orchestrated by the man the man now believed by many to be the true architect of 9/11.

    Speaking to MailOnline Lance said: ‘Who wants to have an act of terror on their watch especially an act of terror where an argument could be made that they could have stopped it?

    ‘The FBI were warned from their own guy. What happened was exactly what he had predicted, exactly. All the dots were connected.’  LINK TO FULL STORY

    Once confidential FBI 302 memo from March 5th, 1996 four ½ months before the crash of TWA 800 in which Yousef tells Scarpa Jr. in an FBI sting at the M.C.C. — federal jail in Lower Manhattan — that during his upcoming trial for the “Bojinka” plot to smuggle bombs onto U.S.-bound airliners he would have his cohorts “blow up a plane” in order to get a mistrial.

    The morning after the crash of TWA 800 on July 17th, 1996 Yousef did just that; but Judge Kevin Duffy turned him down.

    LINK TO FBI 302 MEMOS from Scarpa Jr. Yousef sting

    LINK TO “THE CHILLING EFFECT,” Peter Lance’s piece for on how the Feds sought to discredit the treasure trove of al Qaeda-related intelligence gathered by Mafia capo Greg Scarpa Jr. from Ramzi Yousef and other terrorists in an eleven month      sting from 1996-97.

    LINK to Laura Collins U.K.  Daily Mail Online story about Peter Lance’s new book DEAL WITH THE DEVIL 























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