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    Remembering what Camelot was like in Newport, RI when Jack & Jackie Kennedy were in town

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    By Peter Lance Nov. 22nd, 2023 Sixty years ago, those of us who were old enough to remember, got the shocking news that the President had been cut down in Dallas. I was in my freshman home room class at De La Salle Academy when the principal, Brother Francis, came on the intercom to announce that school was closing early that day.

    On the 20th anniversary, as a correspondent for ABC News Nightline I did a two part-story on what we knew, at that point, of the truth behind what happened in Dealey Plaza. By then, the public’s belief in a conspiracy was growing with each new revelation of government cover-ups.

    For the Newporters fortunate enough to encounter The First Couple during the far too short 1,000 days of his presidency, I’m attaching a link to CHAPTER 24 ¬†of HOMICIDE AT ROUGH POINT as a reminder of how it was in The-City-By-The-Sea when they were in town, provoking thoughts of how it might have been, if fate had left us with a different story.

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