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    TOWN AND COUNTRY, in an expansive piece, cites HOMICIDE AT ROUGH POINT

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    BY  Sept. 2nd, 2021

    “I initially heard the argument and screaming of two people,” Walker told the book’s author, Peter Lance, according to Vanity Fair. “The arguing stopped for a couple of seconds, and the next thing I heard was the roar of a motor, the crash, and the screaming of a man.”

    Walker, who is now 68 and a former Marine, told Lance that he approached the scene and saw a woman get out of her car. “She was a rather tall woman—regal,” Walker says. As Walker approached from behind her, he says, “She spun around and looked at me. I said, ‘Can I help you, ma’am?’ And she said,”—screaming and pointing her finger—“‘You better get the hell out of here!’”

    Walker’s statements prompted the Newport Police Department to reopen the case. “I can confirm that I’ve been assigned to follow up with this case due to new information provided by Robert Walker,” Newport Police Det. Jacque Wuest told the Newport Daily News on August 5. The “case is now open for further review due to new facts coming forward,” Wuest said. “It is an active investigation.”

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