Peter Lance’s writing & producing credits

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Mini Biography Peter Lance is a 5 time Emmy-winning investigative reporter, screenwriter and novelist. With an M.S. from Columbia J School and a J.D. from Fordham Law School, Lance spent the first 15 years of his career as a print reporter and network correspondent; starting at The Newport, R.I. Daily News, his hometown paper where he won the A.P.’s coveted Sevellon Brown Award. In New York Lance won 3 national news Emmys and two New York area Emmys for his work producing and reporting for WNET and ABC News. While in law school, Lance worked as a Trial Preparation Assistant in the Manhattan D.A.’s office. In 1987, he took a break from journalism and began working as a writer and story editor on Crime Story and Miami Vice for NBC, ultimately becoming the show runner on Wiseguy for CBS in 1989. He later co-created Missing Persons for ABC and served as a writer and producer on JAG (NBC) and The Sentinel (UPN). In 1997 Lance’s novel, First Degree Burn, became a national best seller. He adapted Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA for HBO and wrote for Showtime. In 2001 Lance returned to reporting, probing the FBI’s investigation of al Qaeda in the 12 years leading up to 9/11. Since 2002 he’s written three non fiction best sellers for HarperCollins: 1000 Years for Revenge (2003) Cover Up (2004) and Triple Cross (2006). His fourth book: DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, the story of how the FBI used a Mafia wiseguy to sting an Al Qaeda terrorist in 1996 but buried the intelligence to suppress a scandal in the Bureau’s New York Office will be published in July, 2013.

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