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    May 27th, 2019 “Missing Persons” was a pilot for the ABC Television Network created and Executive Produced by Peter Lance in Association with Cannell Entertainment. Starring Joe Cortese, Phil Morris, Constance Marie, Jason Beghe, Mike Starr, and Fredric Lehne, it was shot in April, 1992.

    CLICK HERE to screen it on YouTube.

    Set in the NYPD’s Missing Persons Bureau, the one hour dramatic pilot was directed by Mario Van Peebles, who had just helmed the critically acclaimed feature “New Jack City.” One of the highest testing pilots in ABC’s lineup for the ’92 season, it never made it onto the network’s schedule with the same cast and production team; although a version of it, co-created by Lance ran on ABC from 1993-95.

    This pilot also features a series of veteran character actors including Paul Ben-Victor, Beau Starr and Tony Amendola. It includes a cameo from director Deran Sarafian and a small speaking role from ex-NYPD Detective Louis Eppolito, later convicted as one of the “Mafia Cops.” The pilot was line produced by Peter McIntosh with cinematography by Edward Pei, production design by Richard Hoover and a score by Anthony Marinelli. Casting was by Peter Golden.This analogue video, hidden in the vaults for decades, was recently discovered.

    CLICK HERE for a pdf of the shooting script visit


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