U.K. Daily Mail: John A. ‘Junior’ Gotti Jr. has written a tell-all book detailing his father’s dealings as New York’s most memorable modern-day mobster

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By Mail Online Reporter January 20th 2015. The son of one of America’s most notorious mobsters has penned a tell-all book detailing his father’s dealings what it was like to grow up Gotti.

In his autobiography Shadow of My Father, John Gotti’s namesake son, John A ‘Junior’ Gotti, writes of his visits to his father in prison, reveals how the Dapper Don used so-called dental furloughs to relax outside of prison and describes how mobsters ‘get made.’

Gotti said he decided to write the memoir in spite of his mother’s protests because he heard notorious mob rat John Alite was penning his own tall-all about the Gambino crime family.


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