U.K. MailOnline finds threads of “The Godfather” in DEAL WITH THE DEVIL

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New book reveals the secret relationship between the FBI and a mafia capo that allowed him to walk away from at least 26 murders

  • Mafia capo nicknamed the Killing Machine was ‘protected time and time again’ by the FBI
  • Was the first Mafioso to reveal ‘the face of the enemy’ and the TRUE source for Mario Puzo’s Godfather trilogy
  • ‘Blood on the hands’ of the FBI as Gregory Scarpa Sr carried out more than 26 ‘hits’ while acting as a paid informant
  • The Mafioso was a bigamist and adulterer who would watch his mistress have sex with the younger man he ‘adopted’ as his own son and protege
  • Scarpa Sr used ‘666’ as his personal code to communicate each significant kill

By Laura Collins

PUBLISHED: 00:33 EST, 30 June 2013 | UPDATED: 00:54 EST, 30 June 2013



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