Frank Morano interviews Peter Lance WNYM AM970theanswer

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Part One

Part Two.


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  1. michael goldberg Reply

    July 5, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Thank you Peter Lance for your great, most interesting, provocative, thoroughly researched, inspirational, and informative books (all of them!!!)…clarifying and helping to unravel the mysterious web that the government and the media have “spun” on us sometimes unsuspecting, everyday citizens!!!…I met Mr. Lance in a Santa Barbara Superior courtroom last year when he was going through the trial against the Santa Barbara Police Dept….I said to Mr. Lance that he would win the case, which was pretty obvious to me, based on the evidence (or lack of!!!) and also because of Mr. Lance’s attorney, Daryl Genis!!!…I am in the process of writing a book myself about my 17 years as a teacher/staff trainer with the Florida Dept. of Corrections, 1983-2000, during which time I worked very closely with mob connected inmates from New York who knew about a very famous celebrity actor (with whom I went to school, we were like brothers!!!) and who is not only mob connected himself, but has gone undetected for the possible worst crimes imaginable!!!…I just had to get away from this still most famous celebrity (Halloween night, 1975) when he revealed to me what he was really about!!!…isn’t it just so amazing how someone so much in the spotlight may avoid getting caught?…Peter Lance’s writing shows how these menaces to society actually manipulate their success for such a long time!!!…thank you for reading all that I have written, and if you want to hear more please call me at 805-403-0378, and/or e-mail at the above…take care, Sincerely and always Grateful. Michael Goldberg…

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