The National Archives releases 1000’s of once classified pages on the JFK assassination. Screen my 1983 ABC NEWS report on how doubts about The Warren Commission stoked concern at that time, that The Feds were hiding the truth

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By Peter Lance December 16th, 2022 With today’s release by The National Archives of thousands of new files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I share this 15 minute piece that I produced and reported on Nov. 22nd, 1983, back when I was a correspondent for ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE

You can screen it here on YOUTUBE.
During the lead-up to the 20th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, I spent more than a month reading the entire Warren Commission Report and every book on the subject to report on the aftermath of  “the crime of the century.”

Initially, only a small percentage of the public believed in a conspiracy to kill the President, but 20 years later, the number had grown to 80% as illustrated in this graph.

That came following a series of scandals beginning with Watergate, followed by blockbuster disclosures from House and Senate committees re: multiple CIA plots to use The Mafia to kill Fidel Castro. That evidence was intentionally withheld from the Warren Commission, even though CIA Director Allen Dulles was a Commission member.

Other evidence relating to accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was hidden from the Commission by J. Edgar Hoover and various FBI agents.

By 1968, following the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy the public became even more skeptical and the word “conspiracy” was woven into the fabric of recent American history.

From Irish statesman Edmund Burke to Spanish philosopher George Santayana to Winston Churchill, each of them made a prediction that amplifies the significance of The January 6th Committee’s groundbreaking disclosures: “Those who forget history are destined to relive it.”

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